Finding a Good DUI Lawyer

It can be very difficult for one to locate and retain a Los Angeles DUI lawyer, especially since many are not experienced and/or fully capable of handling a DUI case. One of these has offices in the Los Angeles area: The Law Offices of Taylor & Taylor

Factors in Finding a DUI Attorney

  • All fees should be thoroughly explained and in writing. Do the fees include any administrative hearings held by the DMV? Does it include the cost of expert witnesses and other requirements for the trial? Is there a preliminary retainer for the lawyer, or is it included in the total cost?
  • Is the attorney Board-certified by the National College for DUI Defense? Is there a prestigious school in their educational history?
  • Does the State Bar have any record of complaints for the attorney?
  • The domain of DUI defense is quite complicated and quite specific. An article on DUI specialization explains this further in the “American Bar Association Journal”. For example, when an attorney handles DUI defense cases as well as other civil cases, it is much like a general care physician performing brain surgery or heart transplants. Is this attorney exclusively focused on DUI defense? If not, what percentage of his cases have been DUI cases?
  • Will the lawyer have blood samples reanalyzed by a lab? And for that matter, is the lawyer able to call technical expert witnesses in police procedures and blood/breath analysis?
  • Results of a DUI case are completely unforeseen. No ethical or respectable lawyer would guarantee the outcome of a case.

There are only three law firms in the entire state of California which both specialize in drunk driving defense exclusively and are “A-V” rated (“very good to preeminent”) by the Martindale-Hubbell International Directory of Attorneys. Two of these firms are headed by former Deans of the National College for DUI Defense and, under the auspices of the American Bar Association, are both Board-certified by that prestigious organization. One of these has offices in the Los Angeles area:

Los Angeles DUI Law Firms. The following resources may be helpful in locating other DUI attorneys in Los Angeles County, in California or in other states:

National DUI Defense College
Professional organization of over 800 DUI defense lawyers, with a membership directory by state.

California Drunk Driving
A layman’s guide to the highest-rated DUI lawyers in the state.

Los Angeles DUI Laws and Lawyers

Los Angeles DUI Laws and Lawyers provides a resource for those accused
of drunk driving. It is also intended as an answer to those organizations working for ever more severe laws, greater use of unfair evidence and procedures, increasing destruction of our constitutional rights, and a new age of prohibition. See the National Motorists Association’s website,
which offers alternative commentary on issues such as DUI roadblocks, inappropriate criminal penalties and license revocations/suspensions imposed by the officer in the field.


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